Who Is FranCap?
Who Is FranCap?

FranCap is a long-standing franchise development firm specializing in partnering with small established businesses or existing early stage franchisors that have the potential to become large successful franchisors. We provide these businesses with the knowledge, skills, systems and capital sources to help them become well known national and international brands.

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FranCap's goal is very specific: to assure maximum profit potential by building a successful franchise operation. We invest in projects at the "grass-roots level" and we profit from a revenue sharing arrangement as well as and when we exit the project via an IPO, merger, or acquisition.

Today's Franchise Challenges
Who Is FranCap?

The outlook for the franchise industry is that it will continue to grow in the coming years. However, in today's business world, the methods for growing a business have changed considerably. Therefore, franchises must learn to adapt to today's new regulatory and marketing challenges. This includes developing numerous marketing strategies that include website development, local search, online advertising, social media, search engine optimization, strategic partner relationships, regional initiatives, referrals, print advertising and general brand awareness. FranCap and its affiliates are well-versed in state and federal regulatory compliance and in developing comprehensive franchise marketing campaigns to assist franchisors in building and marketing their brands in today's marketplace.

Business Expansion Thru Franchising
Who Is FranCap?

Existing Businesses: If you are an established business with a proven concept and are now looking to expand it through franchising… FranCap can provide you with comprehensive franchise development expertise to enable you to become a large national brand.

Existing Franchisors: If you are an established franchisor and are now looking to expand into other markets... FranCap can provide you with the franchise marketing and branding expertise to propel you to become a large national or international brand.