We are all aware of the explosive growth and popularity franchising has brought us. We see it everywhere, it's all around us, and as we know it, it has been since the 1950's. Surprisingly, franchising - due to consumer demand - has been around since the days of Julius Caesar, the 50's BC! What’s even more surprising is the fact that franchising continues to flourish and grow at a pace even more rapid today than it had in every year past, in spite of the glaring fact that, historically there has never been a funding source (i.e., investor capital) that could answer to the needs of the start-up franchise!

Never... until FranCap: A unique and dynamic firm that not only specializes in the development, marketing and management of franchises, but also sources investment capital for either start-up or early stage franchisors.

Project Types: FranCap targets projects that must satisfy stringent criteria before being passed on to FranCap's Franchise Management Team for in-depth consideration to better determine the potential for ultimate success and profitability.

FranCap's Management Team, a group of franchise development, management and marketing experts, personify the core of FranCap's success: professionals with a proven track record as solid and consistent as "grandfather's clock"; pioneers who helped shape franchising in its infancy and who today continue to update franchising by designing and implementing timely and unique marketing concepts, organizational systems and technological methodologies. Methodologies of doing business that shall have led FranCap to develop a powerful alliance of experienced professionals and investors who bring capital, connections and the business skills, to better assure the success of FranCap’s endeavors. It is this same alliance that serves as FranCap’s officers and board of directors: the FranCap Management Team that combines strength, character and integrity. Just as the wheel and electricity brought transportation and communication into the modern era, so does FranCap impose the gears of its timeless energies and inventiveness into a thriving global economy.

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We know what consumers' needs and desires are, and we believe we have a firm grasp of market and industry trends. Although FranCap does pursue small or slow-growth projects, we generally prefer to seek out opportunities that have the potential to generate gross revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars.